The insurance coverage includes considerable value added services

Asset Valuation

A valuation of Trade Secret Assets prior to quoting and binding the insurance. The vast majority of companies do not know what the value of their trade secret assets are, which is shocking considering that there are so many reasons why they should. These assets may represent much more value to the company than the tangible assets they own!

This valuation is provided by consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal, an independent third party necessary in order to a) maintain impartiality and b) provide for defensible accounting position for financial reporting, lending purposes and to support litigation and enforcement efforts following a loss.
Fill out the TSA risk management maturity questionnaire to help us determine where you should start.


A block-chain backed software platform called Trade Secret Examiner (TSE) that will provide automated TSAM (trade secret asset management). Those companies that have not yet identified and classified their perceived trade secret assets may need to begin the underwriting process with this step instead of the valuation process.

The TSE assists in identifying and indexing a company’s TSAs based on how well they score in defensibility of their trade secret protection, using current case law enforcement parameters as the scoring mechanism. Schedule an appointment with us to help you decide where to start!

Security Assessment

An assessment of the security posture around those critical assets provided through the underwriting questionnaire and threat analysis of the applicant. Request an Application

Dark Web Monitoring

A web (and Dark web) security monitoring service by ex-Intelligence specialists from X Cyber who use sophisticated AI tools to scour the web for early detection that a covered trade secret asset is exfiltrated from the company.

Legal Services

Access to and payment for the service of a specialist group of attorneys from Fisher Broyles, LLC, whose focus is on enforcement of intellectual property rights, including trade secret protection laws, and who will act as plaintiff’s attorneys in any necessary litigation to recover damages.


Finally, Crown JewelSM Insurance will act as a gatekeeper to the line-slip having exclusive access to the capacity and policy wording, assisting brokers and their Insureds with the underwriting process, coordinating with the Partners on their services both to the Insured and for the underwriting and breach response process.

A Game Changer For The Industry

There are very few insurance policies that offer coverage for the value of trade secrets today. No other policy has an ‘agreed amount’ valuation.