Crown Jewel® Insurance now offers choice of counsel

December 7, 2020

On the legal front, we are announcing that the Crown Jewel® Protector policy will include Choice of Counsel wording that will allow your firm to be the Named Counsel on the policy form for your Insureds, as long as you can demonstrate the requisite experience with trade secret litigation.  The Underwriters will have discretion as to when to include Fisher Broyles’ Mark Halligan and team as co-counsel and/or legal experts as a compliment to Named Counsel’s.

As you may know, Crown Jewel® Insurance is the first risk management advisory firm to offer a full suite of risk management services surrounding a ground-breaking trade secret insurance policy on a stipulated/agreed value basis.  We help clients identify, value, mitigate and transfer the risk of misappropriation by hacking other unauthorized access.  Our program includes a critical first step of identifying assets an organization might deem to be a Trade Secret Asset (TSA) and then assigning them a defensibility score using a blockchain backed software platform to overlay the six factor litmus test courts would use to establish the likelihood of enforcement in accordance with current legislation, including the DTSA.  Critically, the blockchained software will provide instant evidence of EONA proofs needed to win an argument for an ex parte seizure order (TRO), and/or in the event that further litigation is necessary to establish damages on the back end.

The insurance policy pays for all consulting and legal services provided as part of Crown Jewel Protector.  This is a game-changing addition to the insurance market, as “cyber” and property policies do not cover the intrinsic or “fair market value” of trade secrets, which are for many companies by far their most valuable assets.  To learn more, see the document in the link below.

To learn more about the value of CJP, view this document: Here

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