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“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long.  We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things because we’re curious, and curiosity leads us down new paths.”   Walt Disney

This quote really resonates with me because I am a big believer in looking down the road at emerging risks and finding ways to address them.  I am an insurance industry veteran, having spent 25+ years advising clients on a myriad of risks to their businesses.  Considered a “disruptor” of sorts,  I am a creator of new products and/or capacity, a passionate advocate and speaker regarding risks related to the convergence of media/IP/IT/IoT/OT (all things intangible really), and specifically the protection of US critical infrastructure and trade secrets.   As these risks became more complex and interdependent, I became frustrated with the market response (or lack thereof) and decided to leave the brokerage world to launch my own businesses, both of which are innovative themselves and both of which are designed to identify and mitigate risks arising out of other peoples’ innovation.  Fun, right?

Crown Jewel® Insurance (CJI) is an advisory/consulting firm at the intersection of IP and “cyber” risk.  CJI offers a first-of-its-kind insurance policy that covers the Fair Market Value of a company’s crown jewels – its trade secrets- against misappropriation.  The insurance is a part of a larger product and service offering, called Crown Jewel® Protector, that is designed to provide companies with a holistic, front to back risk management solution for these often-overlooked IP assets.  We have partnered with a consortium of experts to offer identification, valuation (which turns into monetization!), protection/security before a loss, and mitigation/litigation on the back end.

To date, there is no comparable trade secret asset risk management (TSARM) solution in the market, and we have secured commitments of $50M in insurance capacity thus far.

We are dedicated to educating brokers and their clients on these unique risks and how this solution dramatically enhances the value of your intangible assets as well as protects them.  As a result, we have created a lot of marketing and educational materials, and any client engagement starts with a kick-off call and a welcome packet. To learn more about CJI please visit

MSR Underwriters is a Lloyds’ Coverholder/MGA for SME and mid-sized companies.  Our goal for MSR Underwriters was to create coverage for cyber/media/tech risks that doesn’t readily exist in the market, filling gaps in areas where commercial insureds need a solution.  The base product MSR CyberSecure is a broad cyber and tech policy (much better E&O than usual) for when your client is not just interested in price but is focused on coverage.

MSR Underwriters offers three other insurance solutions to real problems that clients face in today’s hyper-connected and #WFH environment. One unique feature these products have in common is that they are designed to be “pushed out” by major companies to important stakeholders:

  • MSR RIA CyberSecure targets Registered Investment Advisors/Broker Dealers that likely have E&O coverage, but do not have cyber insurance
  • MSR FranchiseGuard targeting Franchisees (through their Franchisors), and
  • MSR VendorTech, offering Contract-Specific Tech E&O and Cyber to key vendors of a given “enterprise”, acting like and OCIP and bridging the gap between the wants and desires of both parties to a contract.

VendorTech is a game-changer in that it is the only contract-specific program insuring against third party cyber and technology performance risks.  Enterprises will have access to dedicated limits in the event that a vendor has a catastrophic loss that impacts many/all of its customers at once.   Legal and risk management departments everywhere will thank you for assisting them with the vendor governance/contracting headaches they are sure to be experiencing!  For more information on any of these offerings, visit


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Author: Mary Guzman, Founder/CEO