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Trade secret insurance supported by a full suite of risk management services

Trade Secret Insurance

A very unique first party insurance policy to cover your very unique assets….

The Value of Valuation

EVERY company should know and regularly update the value of its Trade Secret Assets (TSAs)..

Automated TSAM

Cloud based software that uses block chain technology in support of trade secret enforcement
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Crown Jewel® Insurance

Crown Jewel® Insurance was formed to provide risk management and insurance advisory solutions focused on Intellectual Property (IP) assets, specifically trade secrets. Trade secrets have become the fastest growing and most critical intellectual property asset category that garners specific protections under the law, yet there has been little emphasis on protecting those assets in a meaningful way, either by the corporations that own those assets or by the insurance industry.

Up to $50M

Of Insurance Capacity

A Letter from the CEO

Over eighty (80) percent of senior executives recognize that trade secrets are critical to their business. Sixty nine percent foresee trade secrets as becoming more important than any other category of Intellectual Property (IP), including patents1. Nearly one third list trade secrets as a top 5 concern1. But did you know that the insurance market rarely covers the theft or misappropriation of these assets? It’s crazy when you think about the fact that upwards of 80 percent of the value of the average US company is comprised of IP assets2, yet they are not protected by insurance!

Why have these assets, up until now, not been insured? The answer is a confluence of several factors which have made this a massive challenge in the industry.

Mary Guzman

Fundamentally, the steps in any solid risk management program include identification of risk, quantification/valuation of exposure, demonstrable prevention/mitigation, and then risk transfer through insurance (or other contract when possible). From the get-go, the vast majority of organizations will be cut off from the possibility of looking to insurance as a risk transfer vehicle because they do not have a formal process to identify or value trade secret assets (TSAs) in the first place, nor do they have a formal process in place to determine when these assets have gone missing, or mitigate the loss once the TSAs are out the door. Why is this the case? Maybe it’s because securing meaningful insurance has not been an option even when these things are present, thus we have a vicious cycle.

With a proven track record of developing a “market”, or insurance capacity where there wasn’t any before, I sought to break the cycle. My passion about finding a solution drove me to pivot to a new role after a successful and fulfilling career as a Cyber/Technology specialist insurance broker. And by surrounding myself with some of the foremost experts in various aspects of the trade secret risk management puzzle, I believe we have succeeded!

Crown JewelSM Insurance (CJI), a trade secret risk management and insurance advisory company, was created to bring a full suite of risk management services to brokers, lawyers, and corporations grappling with the risk of theft of these critical assets. This threat is significant not only for corporations individually, but also in a very real sense to our economy as a whole! CJI has built a ground-breaking solution including up to $50M (and growing) of first party Trade Secret insurance, a market-leading first! This solution, collectively called Crown JewelSM Protector, could be the most valuable tool in your risk management arsenal, protecting the company’s key differentiators (e.g. formulas, designs, processes, even “negative know-how”) from adversaries, both foreign and domestic, while at the same time supporting creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

This offering is great news for the private equity/venture capital space, because there is little real insurance to protect the value of their investments in the current insurance market. But virtually any organization with a penchant for the development of new products and services could benefit.

Please look around our site and be sure to contact us with any comments, questions, or to set up an initial consultation via phone. You will also find the contact details of our key partners on the Resource page. Thanks very much for your visit!

Warm Regards,
Mary Guzman, CEO and Founder
Copyright January 7, 2020.

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  2. Lexology.com; July 18, 2011, Michael A. Mann

Trade Secret Litigation by the Numbers

Cases Filed – 2009-2018Q2


Annual Increase in Claims since DTSA

Aggregate Damages Awarded – 2009-2018Q2

Cases with Damages Awarded

Source: Lex Machina Trade Secret Litigation Report 2018

The need for Crown JewelSM Protector

Mary Guzman discusses Crown JewelSM Insurance for Trade Secret Asset Protection.

A First of its Kind Insurance Policy

The insurance coverage includes considerable value added services at no additional cost to the insured

Trade Secret Valuation

A valuation of Trade Secret Assets prior to quoting and binding the insurance.

Security Monitoring

A web (and Dark web) security monitoring service by ex-Intelligence specialists.

Indexing/Scoring System

A block-chain backed software platform called Trade Secret Examiner (TSE).

Trade Secret Enforcement

Providing forensic and legal support necessary to mitigate further loss or recover damages.

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A Game Changer For The Industry

There are very few insurance policies that offer coverage for the value of trade secrets today. No other policy has an ‘agreed amount’ valuation.

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